Black Jaguar (Mens)
Black Jaguar (Mens)
Black Jaguar (Mens)
Black Jaguar (Mens)

Black Jaguar (Mens)

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Black Jaguar

By: Denis Martindale

Black Jaguar... so slim... so sleek,
So dignified a sight,
To me, you're precious, quite unique,
A creature of the night...
When you appear, my eyes set fast
Upon your style and grace,
Yet suddenly I gaze aghast
Upon your hunter's face...

I see the hunger in your eyes,
I know you need your prey
And though I'm taken by surprise,
I won't stand in your way...
Like you, I eat what God provides,
Like you, I must survive,
Like you, each hungered heart decides
Just how to stay alive...

So journey on unhindered by
This mortal man you sense,
Because you'll find no reason why
We two could yet be friends...
I seek no conflict with your kind,
Let's merely co-exist,
Two hunters who must daily find
The meals we can't resist...


Artist: likovaka
Art style: Watercolor
Cool & comfortable (naturally moisture wicking)
Bright & true colors (reflective threads, 100% polyester; sublimated)
Regular fit (true to size)

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