Color Skull (Womens)
Color Skull (Womens)
Color Skull (Womens)
Color Skull (Womens)

Color Skull (Womens)

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By: Edward Alan Symanski
Innocence white,
And virtue gold -
One day, one night,
Those two I sold.
Evil is black,
And envy is green,
I give them back -
Those I have seen.
Passion is red,
And love is blue:
When I am dead
I leave those too.
Yellow is fear,
And scarlet, hate;
Now they are near,
Death, close the gate!


Artist: Anna Ismagilova
Art style: Watercolor
Cool & comfortable (naturally moisture wicking)
Bright & true colors (reflective threads, 100% polyester; sublimated)
Regular fit (true to size)

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