Hyena (Womens)
Hyena (Womens)
Hyena (Womens)
Hyena (Womens)

Hyena (Womens)

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The Hyena
By: eel0225
Most don’t know I’m a mother.
Most only see my jaw.
Most don’t know I had a brother.
He was lost to my cackling maw.
You may think I’m a beast.
A laughing joker fiend.
But I only want to feast,
And feed my family.
So when you see me lunge,
I hope you understand.
I only want some lunch,
And I need to take a stand.
I am a hyena, after all.


Art style: Oil color brush
Cool & comfortable (naturally moisture wicking)
Bright & true colors (reflective threads, 100% polyester; sublimation)
Regular fit (true to size)

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